Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting

It’s time to ditch the popcorn tins! Let us help you stand out from the corporate crowd. We’ll curate and design thoughtful, wow-inducing gifts that capture your brand in every detail. Speak to a team member today to get started—your recipients will thank you, we promise!


Our Process

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First things first—let’s talk about your project! We’ll listen to all your gifting needs and ideas, follow up with questions, and make sure we have everything we need to bring your vision to life.
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The fun part—we get to work! Your dedicated lead designer will work on your custom proposal, keeping your needs top of mind throughout. Once the initial proposal has been shared with you, we’ll gather your feedback and adjust until your gifts completely align with your vision.
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Sit back and relax—your project has been accepted and your work is done! You are officially in our system, and at this point, your project will move through the invoicing, scheduling, ordering, and receiving phases (where we count and quality-assure like our lives depend on it)!
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Once all the items needed for your project have arrived in our studio, our production team gets to work. Repackaging, wrapping, labeling, ribbon-cutting, handwriting notes, and assembling—this is when the studio comes to life!
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Shipping & Delivery

Once your gifts are assembled, they’ll be handed off to our in-house shipping team where they’ll be painstakingly packaged for delivery. From domestic to international orders, we’ll take care of all your shipping details and needs. We track all your packages and will keep you informed until every gift has made it to its final destination. Bonus: we’ll handle each and every Return To Sender!
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“The team behind LUX BOX makes gifting easier. Their personalized approach includes curated items that change each year, bespoke packaging that can have our company name on it, and seamless delivery services.”

Steve Mack
Founder & CEO, Bravo Store Systems

"The consistent attention to detail, quality, and delivery coordination has only been exceeded by the overwhelmingly positive response of our client recipients. Each box is individually crafted with a personal touch that makes LUX BOX stand out among its peers."

John T. Andreoli, MBA, CPCU, LIA
President & CEO, Sullivan Insurance Group

"I've worked with LUX BOX since 2018 to surprise my couples with new-client gifts that my couples adore. Each time they have deftly curated a custom box that matches my brand and elevates the initial ideas I bring to them. My couples love the surprise and I love that I get to wow my clients and can count on LUX BOX to do the leg work for me."

Lynne Reznick
Owner, Lynne Reznick Photography

"The concept of custom gift boxes is nothing new, but the creativity, the quality and professionalism in which the LUX BOX team devotes to each of their boxes is unique...Our return on investment with LUX BOX is one of my best when it comes to customer recognition and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Tom Ramsden
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Manac Inc.
Did your employee have a new baby? Want your co-worker to know you’re thinking of them? Whatever your gifting need, we’re here to help!
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