The entertainment industry is all about creating experiences that delight and surprise. LUX BOX loves creating custom gift boxes designed specifically for companies in this exciting and dynamic industry. From music and film studios to event planners and production companies, we understand the unique needs of businesses in the entertainment industry. We'll work closely with you to design gift boxes that perfectly capture the essence of your brand and delight your clients, employees, or partners. Whether you're looking to create a VIP package for a special event, a unique thank-you gift for your team, or a memorable holiday present for your clients, we have the expertise and creativity to make it happen. Let us help you create a custom gift box that will take your entertainment business to the next level.

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“The LUX BOX team is such a joy to work with, and are truly wonderful at what they do!

From start to finish, they really listen to what you want, making the process seamless and enjoyable. It’s amazing to work with a company where I feel completely confident in what they will deliver. I am able to step back, let them work their magic and know that the final product will be above and beyond.”

Brady Brewer
Marketing Manager, Pacific Western Bank
We've Got You Covered

Family-owned and -operated, LUX BOX is a one-stop shop that handles every aspect of the gift-giving process from highly customizable product curation and sophisticated styling to packaging design, shipping, and logistics (plus door-to-door delivery within Maine and Massachusetts).

Our 4,000-square-foot warehouse allows us to work on large-scale orders into the thousands. Whether you're looking for help creating invite boxes for your wedding party or welcome bags for your out-of-town guests, our top-notch customer service and detail-obsessed team make for a smooth and seamless process. Put simply: we'll take care of everything so you can take credit.